Keegan Goudiss

Executive Media Director

At Trilogy, Keegan is rewriting the media playbook. Even as Facebook wanes, cookies dwindle, and cord-cutting rises, Keegan’s innovative tactics stay ahead of the curve. In 2022, he created new Smart Broadcast programs that helped House Majority PAC mobilize difficult-to-reach core constituencies with custom messaging, outperforming expectations and winning many battleground races including VA-07, OH-13, and MN-02. Keegan’s latest projects include developing integrated strategy between paid and owned media, streamlining and simplifying reporting, and ensuring AI doesn’t replace him (yet) — all while mentoring colleagues and enjoying life in Maryland with his wife, four kids, cat, and dog.

Keegan was previously CEO of Revolution Messaging. During his 10-year tenure at the agency, he helped build a number of political and nonprofit campaigns from the ground up. At Revolution, Keegan served as Bernie Sanders’ Director of Digital Advertising for his 2016 presidential campaign. Following the campaign, he was named in the 40 under 40 list by Ad Age. In addition to his work for Bernie Sanders, Keegan has advised and trained numerous political candidates and nonprofit organizations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

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