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Texting ProgramFurther, Fasterwith a powerful, holistic
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Campaigns, PACs, and nonprofits use Textify to:
Raise millions of dollars at key moments Persuade and turn out voters Reactivate lapsed supporters Grow shortcode texting lists And more

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More Money
More Voters

with Textify as your managed service partner.
High Match Rates

High Match Rates

Text Efficiently with Industry-Leading Match Rates Over 80%
Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation

Reach the Right Supporters at the Right Moments
Audience Growth

Audience Growth

Attract New Supporters with Modeled Prospecting Audiences

& Accuracy

See the Difference

Here's what happened when one organization traded its in-house texting program for Textify's full-service model.

Customize Your Program


Peer-to-Peer | Broadcast Send two-way peer-to-peer messages, high-volume broadcast messages, or a blend of both.


SMS | MMS Use SMS for short, low-cost sends or MMS for photos, GIFs, videos, and longer texts.


Local Long Code | Toll-Free Meet your program’s needs with support for multiple phone number types.

Competitive Pricing

Textify managed service pricing is competitive with most self-serve platforms. With Textify, you get the incredible value-add of our writers, texters, and technologists.


Starting at 2.25 cents per outbound SMS segment
4.50 cents per outbound MMS segment


Starting At 4 cents per outbound SMS segment
8 cents per outbound MMS segment

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