Drive Donations with Textify™

Drive donations from new and existing grassroots supporters with Textify™.

“We used Textify to bring in grassroots donations for Senator Schumer’s campaign. The results were astounding. We saw roughly 200% ROI in the first fundraising quarter we used Textify — and it reactivated one-third of our donors who’d previously unsubscribed from email. If your campaign or organization is looking for an innovative way to reach new donors or reactivate lapsed ones, I wholeheartedly recommend Textify.”

– Bailey Mohr, Senior Advisor for Digital

“Every month, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee uses Textify to reactivate thousands of grassroots donors to our email and A2P texting programs. When we project downstream revenue from Textify donors from sustainers monthly gifts and additional one time-gifts, the DCCC will be able to expand our reach in the 2022 cycle. The Textify team quickly helped us get this powerful tool off the ground and fully integrated it into our texting and email grassroots strategies.”

– Jade Richards, SMS Fundraising Director

Reach Your Fundraising Potential

Trilogy has been the digital force behind some of the most successful digital fundraising campaigns in the country, from Wikipedia to the USO to Everytown for Gun Safety. During the 2020 cycle alone, our team of fundraising experts raised more than $100 million and generated 10.2 million grassroots donations online.

With more than a decade of experience in direct-response digital fundraising, we are thrilled to bring our clients Textify, a peer-to-peer (P2P) texting platform for driving grassroots fundraising at scale.

Textify makes it easy to bring in donations from current and prospective supporters, whether during a big planned fundraising push or a rapid-response moment. With a personal, one-on-one feel, strong action rates, and the ability to scale without recruiting your own army of texters, Textify delivers the benefits of application-to-person (A2P) and person-to-person (P2P) texting in one product.


Professional Staff, Straightforward Pricing, and Unlimited Volume

Instead of relying on volunteers, Textify employs a highly trained, unionized staff to send text messages to your supporters and others who might be interested in your mission. This allows you to reach more people, have more control over your message, and take advantage of robust data-backed optimizations.

Pricing is straightforward, at $0.08 per message. There are no minimums to reach, no monthly messaging caps, and no monthly subscription fees.


Priming the Pump for Continuous Growth

Trilogy’s deep testing and analytics experience is part of the package. With Textify, you can A/B test messages to identify the ones that substantially increase conversions and bring in more dollars. 

Even if you already have an A2P blast program in place, Textify can be a valuable addition to your toolbox. You can use it to raise funds from current donors and activists who aren’t subscribed to A2P messages and to reach new prospective donors who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Trilogy worked with a major Senate client to fundraise with Textify during the first end-of-quarter fundraising deadline of 2021. Trilogy matched the campaign’s donor file with mobile numbers and used Textify to reach out to them. Here’s what Textify delivered in one week:

  • 293% return on investment.
  • Reactivation of donors who had previously unsubscribed from email: A whopping 30%+ of Textify donors to the campaign were unsubscribed from campaign email.
  • Reactivation of donors who had not given on any channel in the last 12 months. 40% of Textify donors were reactivated.

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