Anastasia Golovashkina

In Memoriam

Our fierce, energetic, powerful friend and colleague Anastasia Golovashkina has passed away.

She was as kind a person as she was a brilliant strategist, as compassionate a soul as she was a fighter for progress. 

Anastasia first joined Team Trilogy in 2015, then again in 2021, after serving as social media director for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

Senator Warren described Anastasia this way: "She was a kind and brilliant member of our team. And, she gave the best hugs. I am heartbroken. Anastasia made our world better every day just by being in it." 

We couldn’t agree more.

As we grieve the loss of Anastasia, we hope you’ll join us in supporting a group that she championed: the National Brain Tumor Society. In her honor and memory, consider chipping in to NBTS to advance research into the cancer she fought so valiantly.

We also invite you to read about her journey with glioblastoma in her own words in this Elle article she authored in 2021. 

Anastasia took on righteous fights her entire life. We miss her so much, and we know her legacy is going to be one damn powerful force for good and for change – one that will last well beyond any of us.

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